Policy Overview

Our practice firmly believes that a good provider-patient relationship is based upon understanding and open communication.  Our staff is dedicated to answering questions and clarifying any misunderstanding you may have concerning your account.  With the establishment of a provider-patient relationship, we have entered into an agreement to provide your family professional medical services.  The following information is provided to define the financial responsibilities for payment of our professional services.

It is our expectation that the full payment will be made for an office visit at the time of service.  We accept cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.


OVERDUE ACCOUNTS:  As stated above, it is our expectation that the full payment for an office visit will be made at the time of service.  For those accounts that are overdue by 60 days, there will be a $30 fee for the overdue balance.  Subsequent late fees of $30 will be applied monthly for each 30 days the account is overdue.  As we recognize that sometimes there are financial hardships, please inform us of any difficulties and our billing manager will be happy to make arrangements with you.

CANCELLATIONS AND NO-SHOW POLICY:  Please allow ample time for cancellation of appointments, 24-hour notice is appreciated for pre-scheduled visits.  For longer evaluations such as for headaches, ADHD, and behavior issues,  48-72 hour notice is preferable.  We understand that extenuating circumstances can arise, please communicate these with us accordingly so that we can make arrangements with you. 

As a courtesy to you, our office staff typically makes reminder calls the day prior to a pre-scheduled appointment.  As this is a courtesy and not an expectation, there may be times when reminder calls cannot be made. Please be sure that our front office staff has your preferred phone number for these calls and that your voicemail is set-up and not full. This ensures that the staff is able to leave a message for the reminder. 

As stated above, please allow at least 24 hours for cancellation of your appointment.  If you are unable to attend a sick visit that was made the same day, please call as soon as possible to cancel.  If ample time is not given, a cancelled appointment may still be counted as a missed appointment.  Appointments that are missed without ample notification will be considered a "No Show" and a missed appointment fee of $30 will be applied to the account.